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I am UK based and have a family of 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys. We live in Hertfordshire and enjoy many out door sports including Camping during the Summer months. 

I have been involved in Marketing for the last 17 years and I am proud to Say that as an Affiliate Marketer I now have the Freedom to spend more time at Home with the Family rather then being restrained by working in a Office. 

Available for:

Project Management


Marketing Strategy

Business Intelligence

Affiliate Marketing training. 

Facebook and Microsoft training. 

Email Marketing







" I have worked with David for several years and have always found him to be honest and reliable. 

David is a keen Affiliate Marketer and has shown me several examples of his work, Most impressive"



"What dos't Kill you makes you Stronger".

I love this Quote because it makes no sense, but is still widely used. 



My main project at the moment is a new Company based in the UK called.

My Cats

This is a marketing Dream as over 40% of the UK population has a cat or lives next to someone with a Cat.

How Cool is that. 

Who Inspired me.

My inspiration and Mentor has and always will Be John Cresani.

I have bee a Student with John for several years and its his Boundless energy and his pursuit of Wealth that I find so inspiring. If I ever am lucky enough to get bored I just go on YouTube and see another of his inspiring videos.  

Future planning 

My main aim for 2020 and 2021 is to concentrate more on Affiliate Marketing as the Master Plan is to have a Solid Passive income. To accomplish this my focus has been in the development of a Solid Email list. 

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